Amazon Echo and Google Home are both virtual assistants which have artificial intelligence technology integrated into them. Amazon Echo came out first in 2014 and people seemed to like its microphones that were always listening for verbal commands. This meant someone could just walk into the room which had the Amazon Echo device in it and start giving it orders for what it wants it to do. Two years later, Google Home was released and offered consumers with another virtual assistant option.


Amazon Echo relies on Amazon Web Services which is an Amazon cloud. It can learn and process voice commands through the technology it inherited from the acquisition of companies such as IVONA, Evi, and Yap. There are currently three Amazon Echo devices on the market: Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Tap, and Amazon Echo Dot. As for Google Home, it functions through Google Assistant and is currently installed on the newest Pixel smartphones. The Google Home device itself is $129, whereas the Amazon Echo device is $179. But the other two Amazon Echo devices are more affordable with Amazon Echo Dot being $49 and Amazon Echo Tap being $129. This gives consumers on a budget more options to work with. The difference between the three Amazon Echo devices has to do with size more than anything.


Overall, it is tough to say which device is truly better. They can both play music and have options for free music and paid subscription music. If you are going to make a decision as to which one to purchase, you need to consider what you’ll need it for. Amazon is a company that mainly deals with the buying and selling of products. So, if you’re looking for a virtual shopping assistant that can help you order products online quickly, then Amazon Echo is definitely the device to purchase.

On the other hand, if you want a virtual assistant that is more worldly and can provide you with a variety of different information outside of shopping, then Google Home is what you’ll want. Let’s say you are researching your trip to Tokyo and you want to know how far the city is from where you live, you could ask Google and it will tell you the number of miles away it is. If you were to ask Alexa through Amazon Echo, it may have a difficult time telling you something like that. So, consider these differences when choosing which device to purchase.