Everything is changing around us with tourism being no exception. So how will this industry look in the future? Whether you are a tourist or a tourism operator, these trends may interest you in the same manner. Everyone should be engaged and know how things are changing so that they can make the best choices. The following trends will give you an idea of the matter, regardless on which side you stand

The Chinese tourism market is growing

This is not something new. The Chinese people are spending an ever increasing amount of money on travel over the last 10 years. And apparently they are not going to stop here. So what are the Chinese tourists looking for? They love traveling with holiday providers that have a big brand and reputation. They also love a great array of mobile apps that allow them to book their traveling experiences on the go. The extensive smartphone market is showing its influence on this part of holiday shopping

Tourists running away from technology and work

Previously tourists demanded to have access to technology and the Internet so that they can take care of business while on holiday, today the absolute reverse is apparent. Most of holidaymakers want to unplug totally, so destinations that are free of technology, including no Wi-Fi, may become more appreciated. Still, if they would like to choose one aspect, it may definitely be Wi-Fi, and nothing else

Unknown destinations are hot

There is a trend among tourists that tell them sought-after destinations are not that fun anymore. More and more tourists wish to see places that are not so well-known, they want to have the thrill of discovering untouched areas, and experience new things. They are more willing than ever to experiment and explore, even push their limits in some cases.

Globalization will leave its mark on tourism

Flights are getting cheaper to a broad range of destinations, and translation apps make the language barrier disappear entirely. So there is an expectancy for international tourism to record a significant growth due to these aspects, influenced by globalization. There are hardly any limits when it comes to traveling, a great number of tourists wishing to go abroad and see other countries as well.

The Millennials are slowly taking the tourism market

In the coming 4 years, the tourism market may suffer a growth of almost 50% in the international trips sector, due to young tourists in search of unique experiences. At the moment, young travelers are about 20% of the total of tourist throughout the world, so it would be wise to listen to what they have to say if you are operating in this business.

Not straying too far away from home

There is also a tendency of tourists looking for vacations closer to home, also known as “staycations”. Such vacation types are on a rise since around 2011 and forecasts are showing that it will not stop this year. So the focus is not necessarily on bringing in foreign tourists, as the local tourists looking for a staycation is as important. Thus, do make local offers to meet this demand.