Hold onto your hats folks, because we’ve got the top five emerging tech trends that are happening right now. The change in technology over the last decade is immeasurable. Computer and consumer tech has evolved in ways nobody could imagine, and lucky for us, we are here to see it! We all know about 3G…the third generation of the mobile networks, and we are just about used to 4G when 5G is beating at our doors. 3DTVs have just become a reality rather than a distant dream and all of a sudden we are looking at augmented reality tech instead. Check out this list for the hottest tech trends right now.

  1.       Augmented reality glasses

This new wearable device is threatening to change the way we use computers. A special pair of specs which use augmented reality to influence the way we work. More precisely, augmented reality glasses, or smart glasses, can merge augmented reality with our own personal realities. We can see real-time information corresponding to the task at hand, high resolution images projected into our world and allowing us to seemingly manipulate 3D items in front of our eyes. Augmented reality glasses even allow for the user to switch through multiple ‘virtual screens’ as we might on a computer. The smart glasses are expected to improve productivity and even safety, with critical information in the field of vision as the task is being carried out. Some of the more tech-savvy organisations are already utilising these smart glasses for their workforce and are foreseeing the dearth of the desktop monitor more quickly than we might think.

  1.       3G, 4G…whatever next?!

5G. 5G is next. The fifth generation of mobile networks has arrived! Not the most ground-breaking news I grant you, the more foresighted of you may have seen this coming. Developers are desperate to keep up with growing user demand for higher speeds, larger downloads, more network coverage. We want what we want, we want it fast and we want it now…and right now, and 5G is promising to deliver. It is promising to be quick, with Japanese 5G researchers have succeeded in reaching a mind-bogglingly quick 100Gbps wireless internet network. Because of the broadband-like speed available through the mobile network, it is paving the way for other emerging technologies, such as the aforementioned augmented reality glasses, 4k-8k video, self-driving cars, virtual reality and a countless number of other gadgets and gizmos that would we can’t even imagine.

  1.       Virtual reality (VR)

Our dreams are becoming a reality…virtually. In a virtual environment, a user is immersed in a world which is not their own. You become surrounded by three-dimensional, life size images, which adjust according to your movements, vision and can even interact with you…easy now. This naturally has enormous implications in the gaming world. The Oculus Rift has finally landed in the laps of eager gamers everywhere. It’s the first consumer-targeted high-end VR device and it threatens to revolutionise the gaming industry entirely. Other applications outside the gamer market are also being considered: training and education, holidays, films, concerts, sporting events, and inevitably porn. Look forward to VR folks, it’s on its way.

  1. A distant memory

Traditional computers use a combination of memory options, such as hard disks, SSDs and RAM, for storing and working with data at speed. Somehow, no matter how much memory we keep adding to our machines, it never seems to be enough. To keep up with our growing demands and faster mobile data networks, the tech giants are working on what promises to be the biggest development in storage technology for decades. 3D XPoint (“cross-point”) is an ingenious new form of non-volatile memory which promises speeds 1,000 times faster than we have seen before with our current SSDs and eight to ten times more storage density that DRAM. This mega development in memory technology means that the same tech could be used to cover both applications of memory utilisation – the storage and application of data.

  1. Is that a computer in your pocket…?

Computers are not only getting faster, they are also shrinking rapidly, and no we are not talking about your iPhone or the latest smart watch. We are talking all the programming and performance bells and whistles of a PC, right in the palm of your hand. More and more miniature computers are emerging, and 2016 is set to be the year of the pocket PC. The Raspberry Pi is the most well known of the lot, now on it’s third iteration…but others are quickly joining the party, like the Remix Mini or the Intel NUCs. It’s only a matter of time before these little beauties are the new normal and our old clunky machines become a thing of the past.