After we all learned all the harm that has been done to the environment, due to heavy industrialization and reckless exploitation of natural resources, green technology is trying to make things right. The jury is out on whether this is too late, but it remains to be seen. We need to keep the environment safe for future generations so that our children, nephews and nieces get to enjoy it as well. Green technology has one mission; to keep our lives comfortable, but in a way that won’t harm the environment. It is one of our biggest goals for our generation. So let’s see what 2016 is likely to bring in terms of green technology.

Electric cars

Of course, electric cars are not that new on the market, but the likelyhood is that the industry will develop even more. If the industry continues to grow, it will mean more electric vehicles on the roads, which in turn will make this tech more affordable. At the moment, electric cars are not the cheapest, but the future looks bright and cheap. Not to mention that some car manufacturers are working hard to create cars that work on hydrogen, Toyota being one example. More eco-friendly cars mean air that is cleaner for us to breath, bearing in mind that some of the world’s biggest urban areas have a serious issue with air pollution due to heavy traffic.

Homes that are smarter

The concept of a smart home is more and more common, due to the recent technologies that help us save energy, both electric and heating energy, by controlling the devices we use on an everyday basis. Smart homes are going to get even smarter, according to industry trends Everyday appliances are going to be much more developed, helping us lead more sustainable lives. For instance, a new type of fridge is appearing, created by LG, which allows you to look inside without even opening the door. So you can think of what you are going to eat without keeping the door open therefore not wasting energy. There are many more consumer appliances like this, with the fridge being the tip of the iceberg.

Even more solar energy

It is well known that solar energy is much appreciated and starting to be widely used by an increasing number of homeowners in their attempt to cut down their growing energy bills. So it’s unlikely that the upward trend for the solar energy will not stop, and almost certainly going to grow substantially. Prices have fallen a lot since the appearance of solar panels with the technology being widely available. Plus, the investment is absorbed in a relatively short period of about 5 years, following that time the energy becomes almost free. No wonder everybody wants a piece of the action. In addition, customers are encouraged to get involved in the process customizing the technology according to their needs. This trend bears the name of “prosumer”.

The help of 3D printers

You are probably wondering how 3D printers are going to help us be more eco-friendly, but they do – believe me! It helps us reduce the consumption of energy, money, and resources, by providing cheaper solutions of what we need, right there on the spot. For instance, if the handle of your microwave broke, a 3D printer may help you build a brand new handle, without putting you in the situation of throwing away a perfectly good microwave and buying a new one.

The things a 3D printer can do for us around the home and limitless. We look forward to what comes next! What do you think will be the next, best 3D printed device?