The internet has changed the way people purchase products and goods. In the old days, consumers were only limited to the products that were made available to them. Now it has gotten to the point where companies are including their customers in the product manufacturing process. That way the customers will have a better chance of getting a product that they truly want rather than one they are resorting too. For example, Nike has set up a custom shoe program called “NIKEiD.” These are special Nike shoes where the customer gets to customize a variety of features on the shoe. They get to choose the color of the lining, the color of the Nike swoosh, the pattern design for the exterior, and so much more. By offering these types of custom options, a company doesn’t have to manufacture thousands of products before they sell them. Instead they can just manufacture one product specifically for a customer after they have already paid. Best of all, customization will minimize the chances of a company having unsold inventory that goes to waste. That is the beauty behind this new customization phenomenon.

The increasing popularity of personalized goods is not just benefiting big companies like Nike. It is also benefiting small business owners and craftspeople who want to sell personalized handmade goods. One popular website for selling these types of items is Etsy. They give people from all around the world a chance to sell their own personalized creations to an international customer base. All a customer has to do is purchase the custom product from an individual seller and that seller will create the product according to the specifications of their buyer. These types of custom products include artwork, cards, T-shirts, cups, and more. They are simple for sellers to manufacture themselves and they give buyers an inexpensive way to purchase a customized product. So in the end, it provides new opportunities to both parties.

The trend in personalized goods is only getting bigger. Technology has allowed skilled people from all walks of life become businesspeople selling their customized products. It has also allowed big companies to save money and sell the exact products that their customers are demanding. Right now the customization is pretty much limited to colors and designs. But as the technology behind this becomes more innovative, the number of options available to customers for customization will increase. Then we may live in a world where almost any product can be customized in some way.