There are many people out there who believe that we are all living in the end times. In other words, they think an apocalypse is going to happen in their lifetime. Of course, people have speculated this kind of stuff for decades. Some people believe it for religious reasons while others think global warming or nuclear bombs are going to destroy the world. There really is no way to know for certain until it actually happens. All we can do is study what’s happening in the world and try to make an educated guess based on what the evidence suggests.

But no matter how it happens, mankind will eventually face an apocalypse sooner or later. For those who believe in evolution and what scientists have told us, the Earth is billions of years old. The so-called “modern” day human beings have only existed for 200,000 years. For most of that time, humans were not even civilized. It wasn’t until 4,000 B.C. that humans started forming civilizations and governments. As for industrialization, that has only existed for a couple of hundred years. Now consider all these things while looking at the current state of the world. We have massive pollution, widespread wars, and a low supply of raw materials and natural resources. On top of that, the population of mankind is increasing at an alarming rate and people are living longer than ever before. If these trends continue, how will the people of Earth ever survive another couple of hundred years or even a couple of thousand years?

There is no doubt that all roads lead to an eventual apocalypse. Even though mankind has the ability and intelligence to stop the damage they’re doing in the world, chances are they’re not going to do it. Humans have always been a warlike species that kills, steals, and destroys in order to satisfy their own needs at the present moment. It doesn’t matter that we have hundreds of scientists saying that global warming is real or that we are running out of food and other natural resources. The governments of the world are going to continue destroying the world until they have no choice but to face the problem at hand. By then, it will be too late because we would have already destroyed each other. As for now, all we can do is enjoy life as we know it. This is the greatest time to be alive in human history but it likely won’t last for very long. So never take it for granted.