Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s are both owned by the same parent company and they are virtually the same restaurant with two different names. They are fast food restaurants which serve burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, and other foods. However, a lot of people like their style of cooking the food because it tastes fresh and natural. Below are the top 10 Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s market trends you should look out for.


1) The Six Dollar Southwest Patty Melt Thickburger – Enjoy this juicy charbroiled 100% beef patty which includes grilled onions, jalapenos, spicy sauce, and pepper jack cheese.


2) Hand Breaded Chicken Filled Sandwich – This sandwich includes 100% chicken meat that is lightly breaded and coated with buttermilk. It is served inside a seeded bun along with mayonnaise.


3) Beer Battered Onion Rings – These crispy golden brown onion rings are beer battered and some of the tastiest onion rings around. A great side dish to have at Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s.


4) Turkey Burger – A healthier alternative to beef burgers. The turkey burger contains charbroiled turkey meat, tomato, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, pickle chips, and red onion.


5) 2/3 Pound Monster Thickburger – If you like thick burgers then they don’t get much thicker than the 2/3 Pound Monster Thickburger. It contains two patties that are 1/3 pound each and made of black angus beef. Also inside the sesame seed bun is four strips of bacon, mayonnaise, and three slices of American cheese.


6) The Six Dollar Thickburger – A cheaper alternative to the 2/3 Pound Thickburger. It contains a ½ Pound of black angus beef and is actually priced at $3.99. If you want to get it in a meal, then it is $5.99.


7) Chocolate Hand Scooped Ice Cream Shake – Some people like to go to Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s for a nice dessert too. The chocolate hand scooped ice cream shake is a blend of ice cream, chocolate syrup, real milk, and whipped cream.


8) Natural Cut French Fries – These are premium quality French fries that come in large, medium or small sizes. You can truly taste the potato when you bite into them.


9) Beef Grilled Burrito – Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s even serves burritos. Their beef grilled burrito contains seasoned beef, cheese, rice, refried beans, and salsa. All of these ingredients get grilled while they’re inside a white flour tortilla.


10) Crispy Curls – If you like seasoned curly-style French fries then you’ll love Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Crispy Curls. They come in small, medium, or large sizes.