If you want tacos and burritos that are cooked fresh and authentically then Chipotle is the Mexican grill-style restaurant that you need to go to. Anyone who likes Mexican food will be in heaven at Chipotle. Below are the top 10 Chipotle market trends you should look out for.


1) Chips & Guac – Enjoy freshly fried chips which are seasoned with kosher salt and a squeeze of lime. For the dip, you have guacamole that has been mashed by hand and is also served fresh. This is truly an enjoyable snack or appetizer.


2) Burrito – Build your own burrito with a soft tortilla shell and a number of different meat options. You can fill the burrito with steak, chicken, or tofu for the meats. Other filling options include rice, beans, and vegetables.


3) Burrito Bowl – Some people love the fillings of a burrito so much that they’d rather have it in a bowl instead of in a soft tortilla shell. That’s basically what you’ll be getting with the burrito bowl. Excluding the shell, put all of the fillings you want into a bowl and then eat it from there.


4) Crispy Corn Tacos – For those who like extra crunchy corn shells with their taco, you can’t go wrong with the crispy corn tacos at Chipotle. Fill them with any meat and fillings you want.


5) Soft Corn Tacos – If you like hard shell tacos but don’t like them too crunchy and crispy, then soft corn tacos are definitely a better alternative to the crispy corn tacos.


6) Soft Flour Tacos – Soft shell tacos are always a favorite amongst taco lovers. You don’t have to worry about getting any hard shell pieces stuck in your throat and you can just enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients in the taco.


7) Salad – Imagine the burrito bowl with Romaine lettuce and you’ll have an idea of what the salads are like at Chipotle. The awesome thing is you can add virtually any kind of topping like salsa, sour cream, guacamole and so much more.


8) Play to Win Game – If you go to the Chipotle website, you can play a special memory matching game where you have a chance to win free Chipotle food.


9) $3 Halloween Special – To celebrate Halloween, you can go to Chipotle after 3PM with a costume on and be entitled to a special $3 meal. Choose between a burrito, tacos, salad, or a bowl.


10) Kid’s Build Your Own – Kids get to create their own meal plan. The choices involve two taco tortilla shells (e.g. soft corn, crispy corn, soft flour), one filling (chicken, steak), two toppings (or three if no filling), one side (chips, mandarins, grapes) and a drink.