Dairy Queen is a popular establishment that serves soft ice cream and a variety of fast foods. Of course, they like to call their food “fan food” rather than fast food. This is because they serve more than just hamburgers and French fries. In fact, they are always creating food specials that attract people to their restaurants all the time. Below are the top 10 Dairy Queen market trends that are currently attracting people.


1) Chicken Strip Basket – This basket of 100% white meat chicken strips comes with Texas toast, crispy fries, and dipping sauce. You can choose to get four pieces of strips in the basket or six pieces.


2) Dilly Bar – Also called the DQ classic soft serve, this ice cream bar comes in a variety of flavor options such as butterscotch, cherry and chocolate.


3) DQ Sheet Cakes – If you want to celebrity a special occasion for yourself or somebody else, then a DQ Sheet Cake is the best around. Not only is it a rectangular cake with vanilla, chocolate, and fudge, but you can have the top of it decorated with a custom design too.


4) Hot Dogs – Dairy Queen has some of the best hot dogs around. They are 100% beef and you can get it with chili or cheese on top. If you want it plain, then you can do that too.


5) Iron Grilled Turkey Sandwich – Iron grilled sandwiches are warm and smooth when you put them in your mouth. These particular turkey sandwiches come with swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, mayonnaise, and cut tomato.


6) Mushrooms Swiss Grill Burger – Imagine a ¼ pound beef patty topped with melted swiss cheese, mayonnaise, and mushrooms sauce inside a toasted bun. That’s what you’ll get with the Mushrooms Swiss Grill Burger.


7) Chicken Garden Greens – A big salad that contains red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onions, tomatoes, grilled or crispy chicken, and Marzetti dressing.


8) Buffalo Chicken Snack Melt – These quick delicious meals contain grilled chicken, ranch dressing, melted cheddar, and buffalo sauce all bunched up into a toasted tortilla.


9) Oreo Blizzard Cake – There is probably nobody who doesn’t like Oreo cookies. Well imagine having an entire cake filled with Oreo pieces and covered with Oreo pieces on top. If that sounds appetizing, then you’ll want to get the Oreo Blizzard Cake the next time you want to throw a party.


10) Peanuts Buster Parfait – Vanilla ice cream lovers will love the addition of peanuts on top of their ice cream. And on top of all that, there is rich hot fudge just to add even more flavor.