The “internet of things” is becoming more common today with the advancement of smart houses and sensor technology. Soon all our smart devices will be part of some internetwork of devices that all communicate with each other. To stay up to date on the most popular iOt devices, below are the top 10 iOt devices that are available on the market today.


1) Awair Glow – Have you ever wanted to test the quality of the air in the room? The Awair Glow device is a smart plug that has the ability to monitor the quality of the air.


2) LockState RemoteLock – Home security has never been easier with this smart lock. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi router and does not need any extra equipment. It’ll even email you whenever anyone enters your house. Give guests and family members special access codes so you can learn specifically who’s arrived at your home.


3) Google Wi-Fi –  This is a home Wi-Fi system developed by Google which helps give you a better wireless connection in any room of your home. It uses a Network Assist feature to give you a stronger connection and it eliminates the need for a router.


4) Video Doorbell Pro – Have you ever wanted to see clear HD video of who’s ringing your doorbell before you answer the door? Video Doorbell Pro is an advanced doorbell which contains motion sensors, two-way audio, and 1080 HD video.


5) Apple Watch – Apple has gotten into the market of smartwatches and their line of Apple Watches are doing quite well. The Apple Watch can track your heart rate, breathing, and so much more.


6) Amazon Echo Dot: 2nd Generation – This wireless device is voice-controlled and can be placed in any room of the house. It can do almost anything that you want it to do such as play music, control smart devices in your home, order a pizza, request an Uber driver, or find a local business in your area.


7) Nest Cam: Outdoor – If you’ve ever wanted to have an inexpensive surveillance camera for outside your home, the Nest Cam can provide you with 24/7 video security. You can watch the video through your smartphone anytime and the camera records as much as 30 days worth of footage.


8) Ray Super Remote – This is a touchscreen universal remote control that is unlike any other universal remote control that you’ve ever seen. This one is similar to the design of a smartphone and it lets you manage all your smart entertainment devices from one location.


9) June – This is known as an intelligent oven that actually assists you in cooking your food the right way. It has a digital scale built right into it and over 50 cooking programs to help you cook your food properly. It can toast, broil, roast, bake or slow cook anything that you want.


10) Apple TV – Apple fans cannot live without the Apple TV, which is constantly being updated by Apple. Anyone with an Apple TV can connect to the app store or access their iTunes account to watch the movies and content that they’ve already got on there. It can even be voice controlled through Siri just like the iPhone.