Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is one of America’s favorite restaurants for anything chicken related. Of course, they specialize in fried chicken and it is some of the most premium fried chicken in the world. They have also created other chicken-based meals that are sure to satisfy the hunger of just about anybody. Below are the top 10 KFC market trends that are continuing to keep the restaurant going strong.


1) Nashville Hot Chicken – This spicy chicken is based on a famous chicken dish from Nashville, Tennessee. These chicken tenders contain smoked paprika and cayenne which provide a unique taste.


2) $20 Fill Up – This special meal package contains 12 extra crispy chicken tenders, 4 biscuits, large-sized cole slaw, gravy, and 2 large-sized mashed potatoes. All of this for only $20.


3) Kentucky Grilled Chicken – KFC has realized that a lot more people want to eat healthy so they have a grilled chicken option to cater to those people. Their grilled chicken is seasoned and marinated to taste better than any grilled chicken you’ve ever had before.


4) Popcorn Nuggets – This is like a smaller version of chicken nuggets but with 100% white meat. You can purchase these nuggets separately or include them with a few other meals as a side dish.


5) KFC Famous Bowl – If you want a quick affordable meal then try the Famous Bowl. It has bite-sized crispy chicken pieces, sweet corn, a three-cheese blend, gravy and mashed potatoes all mixed into a bowl. On the side, you have a delicious chocolate chip cookie and a medium drink.


6) The Double Doubler – This is a boneless chicken breast fillet inside a sweet tasting Hawaiian bun. Also included inside the bun is bacon, sauce, and cheese (Monterey Jack). The combination of these foods will surely leave you satisfied.


7) Seasoned Potato Wedges – These are tastier than any French fries you’ve ever had. They are seasoned crispy potato pieces and each piece is equal to a dozen regular-sized fries. Try these awesome wedges the next time you’re at KFC.


8) 16-Piece Bucket Meal – Large families love to feast on this meal. It contains 16 pieces of fried chicken, 8 biscuits and 4 large side dishes. The choices for the side dishes are mashed potatoes & gravy, mac & cheese, vegetables, cole slaw and more.


9) Chicken Littles – Sometimes breaded chicken tenders taste good in a sandwich, which is what you get with Chicken Littles. They are served inside a sesame seed bun along with mayonnaise and pickles.


10) KFC Go Cup – This cup of goodies can be filled with crispy potato wedges and your choice of hot wings, crispy chicken tenders, popcorn nuggets or chicken littles.