Some people say the U.S. military is weakening because fewer people are joining the armed services. While this may be true to some extent, the U.S. military is still the most powerful military force in the entire world. Below are the top 10 military trends which point out trends in the U.S. military as well as foreign militaries.


1) U.S. Military Spending – With wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. federal government under the Obama administration has increased military spending to record highs.


2) Russian Military Training School – In Russian grade schools, children as young as 11-years-old take part in military style training courses. They even go so far as to teach kids how to load and assemble a Kalashnikov assault rifle. This is part of a new educational curriculum implemented by President Vladimir Putin.

3) Military Majority Supports Trump – According to a poll from Military Times, 40.5% of voters in the military support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton only has 20.6% of support from them.


4) DARPA Telescope – The United States Air Force has now gotten control over the DARPA telescope, which has the ability to monitor military satellites in outer space and make sure they’re safe from any floating space junk.


5) Burn Pits – There have been numerous reports of soldiers and private contractors growing ill from burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of their symptoms include blood disorders, cancer and respiratory problems.


6) Russian Military’s ‘Closed Internet’ – The Russian military has created their own private internet which unauthorized connections cannot access. This private connection is being used to transfer classified Russian information to military officers and leaders.


7) Iraq Troops Fight ISIS – The Iraqi military is battling ISIS soldiers in Mosul, which is a city in Iraqi which the Islamic State had taken over. Many of the terrorist group’s leaders reside in the city and are reportedly trying to flee as the Iraqi forces gain ground.


8) U.S. Army Come to Mosul – Apache helicopters of the U.S. Army are going to the city of Mosul to assist the Iraqi forces in the battle against ISIS.


9) North Korea Nuke Threats – North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un continues to threaten the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons. There was even a propaganda video posted on the internet by North Korea which shows a virtual simulation of a nuclear bomb landing in Washington D.C.


10) Japanese Military Ads – Anime is very popular in Japan. Now the Japanese military is starting to put pinup advertisements on aircrafts which use anime girls. These ads are also used on recruitment posters as well.