Propaganda is a word that more people are becoming familiar with, especially as it pertains to government. It is usually a form of misleading information that tries convincing people to believe in a certain point of view or political cause. In communist countries, the people are often required to believe the information or else they’ll face legal consequences. Below are the top 10 propaganda trends that are relevant in today’s world.


1) North Korea – If you look at a communist country like North Korea, their entire society is based on propaganda. They basically brainwash their citizens from birth to worship and respect their nation’s leader and to not talk bad about him. Anyone who talks against the Supreme Leader will either be imprisoned or executed.


2) Japanese Military – You probably know that anime is popular in Japan. The Japanese military is now using anime in their recruitment posters to try and get their citizens to join up.


3) ISIS Recruitment – The terrorist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS, is recruiting people over the internet with video propaganda that makes their organization look great, even though it is not.


4) Russian Posters – Russia is a communist country and the Russian President Vladimir Putin uses propaganda posters to influence its citizens and get them to believe in the political objectives of the country.


5) WikiLeaks – This nonprofit organization has been responsible for publishing private information about politicians, companies, and numerous other things. They have even been accused of trying to influence the U.S. presidential election by publishing Russian propaganda which supports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.


6) Donald Trump – Trump has probably used propaganda more than any other presidential candidate ever has. Most of the claims he makes about himself and his opponents are typically found to be fictional, once his speeches are fact-checked. But to his diehard supporters, they believe every word he says no matter how inaccurate or ridiculous his claims may be.


7) Hillary Clinton – Clinton may be one of the liberals, but she is not exactly trustworthy either. She now claims she wants to help students attend college debt free, while in the primaries she was criticizing Bernie Sanders for having that stance. Does she really believe in it now or is she just trying to get his supporters on her side?


8) CNN – The Cable News Network typically leans more toward the left in American politics. Although they do gather the opinions of people from both sides, most of the reporters on the network seem to favor the Democratic liberals over the Republican conservatives.


9) FOX News – The Fox News Channel is notorious for being a right-wing cable channel with reporters who typically favor Republican conservative values. If you were to only watch this channel, you’d probably think Donald Trump is the best presidential candidate ever.


10) U.S. Army – The United States Army needs new recruits more than ever since recruitment numbers are down. That is why they are known for their television commercials which make joining the Army look like a glorious thing. But what they don’t tell people are the hardships of war and the damage it does to a person’s body and mind.