Panera Bread is a bakery chain known for serving fresh quality bread along with salads, sandwiches, and other deli style meals. People can take their food out or they can dine inside the restaurant and enjoy the free Wi-Fi available to all customers. Below are the top 10 Panera Bread market trends you’ll want to consider the next time you order from this fabulous restaurant.


1) Roasted Turkey Sandwich – People go to Panera Bread for healthy meals too. The Roasted Turkey Sandwich never fails to satisfy the appetite, whether you get it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


2) Mac & Cheese –  This dish contains a mixture of tender shell pasta and white cheddar cheese. It is a little creamier than normal mac & cheese, but that’s what’s good about it Clicking Here.


3) Chicken Tortellini Alfredo – This pasta dish contains Tortellini pasta with alfredo sauce, smoked organic chicken, and mixed with a three-cheese blend.


4) Country Bread – This crispy bread is freshly baked and contains a very distinct nutty flavor that will surely make you want more and more of it.


5) Whole Grain Bread – Health conscious people will love Panera’s Whole Grain Bread. At only 130 calories, this bread is freshly baked and sweetened with honey.


6) Hoagie Roll – A moist piece of freshly baked bread that is chewy and easy to digest. The crust is thin and contains an olive oil flavor to it. The roll goes great with almost any other meal you can think of.


7) Tomato Basil Bread – This bread has a freshly baked blend of basil and tomatoes to it. And on top, there are sweet crumbs that add even more sweetness to it.


8) French Baguette Bread – This bread is typically served as a side dish, but you can order it separately as well because it tastes so good. In fact, it kind of has an aroma that resembles wine.


9) Breakfast Power Sandwich – A healthy breakfast choice that uses a combination of ham and whole grain bread to give you the perfect healthy meal. You’ll get only 7 grams of fat but a whopping 23 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.


10) Mediterranean Egg White on Ciabatta – This healthy breakfast contains egg whites, tomato, spinach, white cheddar, and basil pesto all sandwiched between freshly baked Ciabatta bread. Health food has never tasted so good before. Try this out the next time you get a chance.