Crowdsourcing is when a person or company requests the services of numerous people over the internet to help out with a particular project. By crowdsourcing, there is no need for employees or contract workers. Sometimes the people who are enlisted through crowdsourcing are paid and sometimes they’re not. The whole idea behind crowdsourcing is to help create some new innovation or product that other people want to see made. Below are the top 10 trends in crowdsourcing:


1) – A neat website where subscribers actually offer virtual storage space to other subscribers through a cloud network. The rates are reasonable and you only purchase the space you need.


2) – A website where designers create customized items and home furnishings for other users who are willing to purchase them.


3) Female workers – The number of female crowdsourcing workers is nearly double the number of male crowdsourcing workers. Males are slowly growing their numbers in the crowdsourcing industry.


4) Millennials – The generation of people most likely to become crowdsource workers are millennials. A study showed that 50% of the current crowdsource workers were born after 1975. Another study also showed that 70% of the workers were born after 1970, which puts some of them in Generation Y as well.


5) College Educated workers – One stereotype about crowdsource workers is they are not educated. But studies have shown that over 50% of the workers have a college degree and 20% of them have a Master’s degree.


6) Employed people – The majority of crowdsourcing workers already have full-time employment with a company. However, they do crowdsourcing work for additional income to their normal income.


7) Single people – About 33% of crowdsourcing workers are single and about 55% live with just two or less people. Less than 33% are supporting children or a spouse.


8) – The perfect way to purchase stock images that were created by other members of the website. You can search for virtually any kind of image that you can imagine.


9) – People who are looking for custom designs for websites, t-shirts, logos, flyers, business cards and more will love this website. Its skilled members offer custom designs to other members. You can also purchase premade designs as well.


10) 99Designs – Another design website that goes a step further by offering custom designs for product packaging, books, clothes and business cards. You can even purchase a custom car wrap design to put over your car.