Elon Musk is a young entrepreneur and inventor who has created many technological innovations and computer programs that we all use today. He’s only in his 40s and he’s already a billionaire because of it. People have called him the Albert Einstein of the 21st century, and they may be right. Below are the top 10 trends in which Elon Musk has created.


1)  Tesla is an electric car company cofounded by Musk.


2) SpaceX is a private aerospace company started by Musk. His Falcon rockets were developed to be reusable. Musk’s goal is to create space tourism in the near future.


3) Anyone who has done business online has probably used PayPal before. Musk created a company in 1999 called X.com that focused on email payments and financial services. This would eventually become PayPal, which is still widely used to this very day.


4) In 2013, Musk thought of an invention called the Hyperloop. This futuristic transportation system will be able to send commuters from San Francisco to Los Angeles in only 35 minutes. This is faster than any plane or train.


5) The former online city guides company “Zip2” was started by Musk. It was one of his first companies, which sold to Compaq for $305 million. Zip2 provided digital mapping services to local e-commerce merchants.


6) The solar power systems company “SolarCity” was co-founded by Musk in 2006. They are one of the first major providers of solar energy power systems and services.


7) The electric jet is an electric jet designed by Elon Musk and his company Tesla. It is still in the experimental stages, but it could replace the traditional gas fueled jets in the near future.


8) Internet phone calls were actually started by Musk in the 90s. People thought it was a weird idea to be able to make calls through an internet connection. Today, programs like Skype are used all the time to do just that.


9) Global internet access is something Musk is trying to achieve with his SpaceX company. He wants to put 4000 satellites around the globe so that everyone in the world can have a Wi-Fi internet connection.


10) Blaster is a video game created by Musk when he was just a kid growing up in the 80s. It is a simple game, but it keeps drawing attention because it was the first real creation that Musk ever had.