With the increasing number of people using mobile phones to go on the internet and manage their finances, mobile security has never been more popular. So many tech companies are coming out with new mobile security innovations that are trending like crazy. Below are the top 10 trends in mobile security.


1) Mobile Operating Systems w/ Security – Popular operating systems for smartphones, like iOS and Android, are coming out with their own security features. Their security technology includes app isolation, data encryption, kernel protection and more.


2) Signed App Requirement – Apps are now required to have a private key signature from the developer before they are published in app stores. This allows consumers and companies to identify the developer in case there is a problem with the app.


3) Third-Party App Store Restriction – There are a lot of third-party app stores which are not associated with official app stores like Google Play and Apple Store. Therefore, these third party apps are not screened and could potential cause you problems if you download them. Now operating systems are starting to restrict users from downloading these third-party apps in order to protect their phone.


4) Mobile Internet Security Software – You’ve heard of internet security software for laptop and desktop computers but now they exist for mobile phones as well. Popular antivirus software developers like AVG have mobile internet security software available to protect your phone from hacks, malware, identity theft, viruses, and more.


5) Ransomware Security – Ransomware is a new security threat where a person unknowingly visits a website that encrypts their data and prevents them from using their computer. The only way to remove the encryption is to pay a ransom to the hackers. Well, now mobile security software is developing features to specifically protect mobile devices from phishing attempts like these.


6) Mobile Payment Security – Mobile payments are becoming more common with smartphones and other mobile devices. Security for mobile payment apps is becoming more popular as a result.


7) Fingerprinting Identification – Fingerprint security is hotter than ever when it comes to preventing unwanted people from accessing your mobile phone interface. Many phones, particularly Apple phones,


8) Eye Scanning Identification – Smartphones are starting to be made with eye-scanning security technology. Smartphone users will soon have the option to scan the iris of their eyes in order to verify their identity and have access to the interface of their phone.


9) Cloud-based Mobile Security – Now mobile app developers can monitor their published apps and see if there have been any hack attempts made on it. App Solid offers scanning and protection for apps through a cloud-based server.


10) Secure Mobile Apps – App developers are now integrating their own security features in the apps they create. If an app transfers information or processes payments, then it will likely contain an extra layer of encryption security before it even gets sent over the internet.