Search engine marketing is how individuals and businesspeople promote themselves or their products on the internet. It is important to gain a presence on search engines so people from anywhere in the world can discover your website through a simple search and possibly become a frequent visitor in the future. The trick is knowing how to execute search engine marketing properly. Below are the top 10 trends in search engine marketing that will help you do this.


1) Social media content – If you want to have any relevant presence on the internet then you need to advertise through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.


2) Video marketing – Video advertisements are hot right now on the internet. You could make a video advertisement and then publish it for free on websites like YouTube or Vimeo. This will help boost your ranking in the search engines.


3) Mobile optimization – Millions of people now search for websites on their mobile phones. You need to ensure your website’s design and coding is compatible with mobile browsers or else search engines might not rank you very high.


4) Voice search functions – More people are using their voices to search for websites on search engines. Webmasters need to adjust their SEO keywords now to accommodate the verbal searches people are making.


5) Mobile apps – Webmasters are finding that creating mobile apps for their websites and businesses is another way to help boost their ranking in search engines. It could even be an app that just resembles your very own website.


6) Localized SEO – You shouldn’t just target your SEO to demographics all over the world. You need to localize your SEO to areas around where you live. This will help customers in your area find you on search engines, especially if you already run a brick-and-mortar store.


7) Backlinks – It still helps to have your website’s URL listed on other websites that are more popular. This is the classic way to boost your search engine ranking and it still works well.


8) Domain forwarding – If you own a bunch of popular domain names, try forwarding those domains to your website’s address. If the domains relate to your website’s niche, then that’s even better.


9) Classifieds – Classified ad posts are still popular for boosting your search engine ranking. The two best classified ad websites are Craigslist and Back Page. Of course, you have to be careful because these sites often have rules against URL listings. But if you write your posts carefully, you can make it happen.


10) Pay-per-click – Believe it or not, pay-per-click advertising is still hot on the internet. You could go to Google Adwords and set up an ad campaign where you pay for each click that goes to your website. Just make sure you choose your keywords carefully.