Smart home cameras have given homeowners an affordable and convenient way to monitor the inside and outside of their homes through surveillance footage. In the old days, people used to have to hire a professional surveillance company to install their cameras and monitor them. Now, homeowners can just install their own cameras easily and then monitor them through their smartphone themselves. Below are the top 5 smart home cameras that you should consider purchasing for your home.


1) Nest – One of the more well-known smart cameras out there. You can purchase Nest smart cameras for the indoors or outdoors. They’ll constantly record what they’re looking at 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It can save as much as 40 days of recorded surveillance footage through a cloud server. You must subscribe to a Nest Aware package to access this recorded footage. But the neat thing is you can view the footage directly through your mobile device from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. The price for each camera is $199.


2) Netatmo – This is an outdoor smart security camera which is built into a light fixture to help it look more discrete. All you have to do is replace your existing outside light fixture with the Netatmo camera and you’ll have both a powerful light and smart camera there. The camera provides live stream video of what is happening on your property and it can even detect when someone’s there. The price is $299.


3) Toucan Surveillance Kit – Here is another smart home security system that allows you to replace your current outdoor light fixtures with a powerful camera and light set up. The installation should only take you 15 minutes at the most and you won’t even have to drill anything. The lights are motion activated with passive infrared sensors which have the ability to sense whenever someone moves. Then, the camera will constantly record them in HD video and notify you on your phone when someone is there. If it looks like an intruder, you can activate a 100 dBA siren that will scare them off. The price is $229.


4) Canary – This security system is an all-in-one design that gives you an HD night vision camera, a live streaming feature, a 90 dBA siren, the Canary mobile app, and quick connection to emergency services. On top of that, it can track air quality, humidity, and temperature as well. That way, you’ll know if your home is having other problems besides intruders or unwanted guests. The price of the Canary is $199.


5) Piper – This is both a home automation device and a home security system rolled into one. There are numerous security modes available with the device. It has a motion and sound sensor, and the ability to emit a siren noise when it detects something. You can set up all these specific sensory conditions right on the mobile app which links to the device. You’ll also have 180-degree camera views, 24-hour video monitoring, two-way audio, and more. The price is $199.