Mankind has been at war with each other since the beginning of time. There isn’t one point in history where you can find when humans actually got along and didn’t try to kill each other. Believe it or not, we are currently living in the most peaceful time in human history. Finally, civilized societies are starting to acknowledge the civil rights of women, homosexuals, transsexuals, and people of all races and religions. In the past, countries fought violent wars with other countries over issues like these. Sometimes there were even civil wars over these issues like in the American Civil War between the Union Army and the Confederate Army. Now there is more acceptance towards these social issues than ever before. But still, other countries in the world are still living in the dark ages and do not accept the beliefs of civilized developed countries. This means the world will always be at war.

In 2050, warfare will most definitely still exist but it will be a different kind of warfare than the kind we are used to seeing. The main emphasis of the military will be to use technology instead of people to fight battles. This will include using drones, robots, missiles, and bombs in combat situations. However, the main problem will be fighting domestic battles. The military is always trying to find ways to reduce civilian casualties, but this will likely be unavoidable. As terrorists spread in countries throughout the world, developed countries like the United States will start seeing wars take place on their soil rather than some distant country in the Middle East or Asia. This could destroy the entire global economy and ruin the lavish lifestyle that people in these countries are used to.

There is no doubt we will be seeing robots and androids on the battlefield. The technology already exists for this to happen. Scientists and engineers just need to perfect it, which will certainly happen by 2050. We will also have weapons in outer space such as lasers which can destroy any missile shot up into the air on Earth. That way, we can stay protected if some communist country like North Korea decides to shoot a nuclear missile at us or another country.

Unfortunately, the cold nature of war will still be the same. Regardless of whether we use robots or not, thousands of people will still get killed and nations will still conduct wars over issues of religion and economic freedom.